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Red worms, Nightcrawlers and European nightcrawlers
available at D&S Worm Farm in bulk for fishing bait,
breeding stock, or composting. We maintain a quality
breeding environment which produces healthy, organically
grown worms. The worm castings and worm tea we produce
are excellent organic fertilizers. We take great care to
maintain healthy, organic breeding and living environments
for our worms. As a worm farmer, I would like to share a
little about each breed of worm that we carry and let you
know their characteristics and their popularity as fishing
bait and for worm composting.  Click on one of the
images or links above to find out more about each breed.
I've also put together a book with complete instructions
on how to raise these worms from start to finish for those
interested in starting their own worm farms. Any of the
worms or other products sold on this website may be
picked up at farm. All shipped orders will be sent via
Priority Mail.
Buy Worms, Worm Food & Organic Gardening Fertilizer at D&S Worm Farm
To place an order, visit our nightcrawlers, red worms, or European nightcrawlers
pages.  Orders may be picked up at our farm or shipped via priority mail.
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