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what they need for good nutrition and do so with our assurance of high
quality, organically grown worms. We offer these suggestions for feeding
the worms to the fish in two ways.
1. Feed the worms as they are. Larger fish like Pond Koi, Oscars, adult
angelfish, and the more aggressive fish like the African Cichlids eagerly take
live worms when offered. Feed only what the fish will consume in a few
minutes time. Any food, including worms, will eventually foul the water if left

3. Another tip: if you plan to grow your own worms to feed your fish, make
sure not to put any raw meat in your compost heap to feed them with. Raw
meat or any vegetables with chemicals on them can pass on nasty things to
your worms like parasites and pesticides. This will make the worms toxic for
your fish!
To place an order, visit our nightcrawlers, red worms, or European nightcrawlers
pages.  Orders may be picked up at our farm or shipped via priority mail.
We now offer you an alternative to the ever
increasing high cost of standard commercial fish
food. We grow our worms organically, without any
exposure to chemicals. This makes them free of
harmful contaminates and ideal for all aquarium
fish as a food supplement. What better way could
there be to improve the health of your breeder
fish? Feed them the natural food that has exactly
2. Feed the worms dried and crushed to whatever size you need for the fish
you're feeding. In order to dry the worms, you need two old window screens,
or make two simple wooden frames and cover them with screen.
Place the worms in a single layer on one screen, then cover them with
 the other screen and clamp the two sides together.
You can sun dry these in the summer in a day or so. If you have a
 garage or workshop you can dry them all year in an out of the way
Once they have dehydrated, remove the dried worms and crush to the
 desired size.
Place them in old fish food containers.
If you're industrious, you can dry a large amount in the summer and place the
excess in the freezer to retain freshness longer. Since there are no
preservatives or chemicals, these worms will be great for all fish, all year

Nothing could be easier than drying and storing worms as a source of protein
and vitamins for your fish. I have more guppies than I can count, and they
are all thriving on this dried worm diet. Try it for yourself.

By adding the worms to your regular feedings, you should see an
improvement within 30 days. Larger, more robust spawns and offspring,
better color, and larger sized adults are all part of the benefit of improved
diet. Even catfish and other bottom feeders scramble when the dried worms
fall into the tank. We are pleased to offer this suggestion as one of the many
ways you can utilize the organically grown worms we sell.
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