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1 Pound       $40.00 lb
2 Pounds      $37.50 lb
3 Pounds      $36.66 lb
4 Pounds      $36.25 lb
5 Pounds      $36.00 lb
European NightCrawlers Bed Run Mix
          Worm Castings
As an earthworm tunnels through the
soil, it digests organic material and
excretes it in the form of worm castings.
Worm Castings are a rich soil amendment
containing nutrients in a form usable to
plants. Over the course of a single day,
an earthworm will produce worm castings
equal to its own weight.
10 Pounds       $20.00
    Quick Grow Worm Food
Order our supplemental quick grow
worm food! 9 pounds for $28.00
with shipping included!
9 Pounds       $28.00

The Louisiana Nightcrawler makes an excellent catfish bait because it is so huge. In contrast,
a smaller Nightcrawler makes an excellent bait for large-mouth, mountain stream small mouth,
and striped bass.

Here at D&S Worm Farm we suggest you bed the worms down as soon as you receive them. For
our Louisiana Nightcrawlers, we use a bedding mixture of 50% cow manure and 50% Canadian
Peat Moss. Remember to leave a light on over the bed to prevent the nightcrawlers from
crawling out.

We feed all our worms the same feed and raise them in 60 to 80 degree temperatures.

      We sell bulk shipments for bait, breeding stock, composting and worm castings.

      We have Breeding Stock in a Bed Run Mix from babies to breeding size of 3 to 4
       inches by the pound, one pound being approximately 650 to 750 worms.
Young Worms Summer Special
The best worms for composting are the babies that are
under three inches long. They have the most appetite for
discarded produce because they're still growing! They are,
of course, also quite good for fishing for smaller fish,
feeding aquarium fish, and as grow out for breeding stock.  
If you want to grow these worms out for larger bait worms,
we recommend that you use our Quick Grow Worm Food.  
We are offering these healthy young worms in 10 pound
packages for an incredible price of only $300.00!
10 Pounds      $300.00
Young Worms Summer Special
Worm Castings
European nightcrawlers, also known as, Belgian worms, Super Red, Carolina Crawler, Blue
worm, and half a dozen other names. The scientific name for this worm is Eisenia Hortensis.
These worms are prolific breeders once they get established into a new environment or worm
farm. D&S Worm Farm provides a quality established breeding environment for your worm
farm, which is necessary for the success of this breed.
European Nightcrawler Bed Run Mix
European NightCrawlers

European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis), Big Reds, Belgium Worms,
Carolina Crawlers, or whichever name you prefer to call them, make good
breeding stock for your worm farm and good composting worms for your
compost heap.

Like the common red worm, the European Nightcrawlers make good
composting worms for your compost heap, although they eat a little less and
breed a little slower (approximately 1 egg capsule per week). As an
established Worm Farm, we sell the bed run mix by the pound. Plus, bulk
discounts are applied for orders of more than one pound of bed run mix.

The European nightcrawler worm will grow longer (up to four or five inches)
and fatter (about as thick as a pencil) than our common red worm but are
still a perfect fit to your worm farm. Many worm farmers buy these worms
straight from Europe for resale in the U.S. This is fine if the customer who
buys them is going to put them in cups right away for resale for fishing.
However, if you are buying for long term breeding stock, this is not
recommended. The first stock of European Nightcrawlers we bought died
before we were able to obtain very many offspring from them. From the few
that survived, we now have beds of our own offspring which makes it great
for breeding stock in your worm farm.
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