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At D&S Worm Farm, we raise nightcrawlers. Our nightcrawlers make great fish
bait, their excellent for composting or for starting a worm farm of your own.
Bulk discounts are applied for orders of more than one pound of bed run mix.

The Louisiana Swamp Nightcrawler originated in the state of Louisiana and
is well known for being great fishing bait for catching catfish, large mouth
bass and large bream. They have the most action of any worm we know when
placed on a hook and cast into the water.  

Why would you bother to fish with a Canadian Nightcrawler? It has very little
action and has to be refrigerated or kept in a cooler, when all you need to do
with the Louisiana Nightcrawler is keep them in the shade. They will live all
day in their cup because they require no refrigeration or cooler.  

Louisiana nightcrawlers are wonderfully fat and juicy, which is why they are
our #1 seller. These worms are the best buy for your money when you buy
them by the pound in a bedrun mix, where you can choose the exact size
worm you prefer to fish with or the size you need for the kind of fish you
want to catch.
We have Breeding Stock in a Bed Run Mix from babies to breeding size of 3 to 4 inches by the
pound, one pound being approximately 400 to 450 worms.

                 The bed run is the best value for your money.
Check out the Summer Special!
                           Order 2 lbs or more for a Great Value!

1 Pound       $48.00 lb
2 Pounds      $45.00 lb
3 Pounds      $42.00 lb
4 Pounds      $42.00 lb
5 Pounds      $42.00 lb
NightCrawlers Bed Run Mix
Worm Castings
As an earthworm tunnels through the
soil, it digests organic material and
excretes it in the form of worm castings.
Worm Castings are a rich soil amendment
containing nutrients in a form usable to
plants. Over the course of a single day,
an earthworm will produce worm castings
equal to its own weight.
10 Pounds       $20.00
Young Worms Summer Special
The best worms for composting are the babies that are
under three inches long. They have the most appetite for
discarded produce because they're still growing! They are,
of course, also quite good for fishing for smaller fish,
feeding aquarium fish, and as grow out for breeding stock.  
If you want to grow these worms out for larger bait worms,
we recommend that you use our Quick Grow Worm Food.  
We are offering these healthy young worms in 10 pound
packages for an incredible price of only $300.00!
10 Pounds      $300.00
Worm Castings
Nightcrawler Bed Run Mix
Young Worms Summer Special
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