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          Worm Castings
As an earthworm tunnels through the
soil, it digests organic material and
excretes it in the form of worm castings.
Worm Castings are a rich soil amendment
containing nutrients in a form usable to
plants. Over the course of a single day,
an earthworm will produce worm castings
equal to its own weight.
10 Pounds       $20.00
     Worm Tea - Organic Fertilizer
1/2 Gallon       $15.00
Worm Castings
Order by ½ Gallon
Worm Casting and Worm Tea to aid in Organic Gardening

Worms are very beneficial to organic gardening. They are known to help
decompose plant matter, aerate the soil, and leave behind a rich fertilizer
with their castings.

As composting worms eat manure and other organic substances, they
excrete tiny pellets called worm castings which make a great organic
fertilizer. Organic gardeners rely on this method of worm composting because
these worm castings balance soil ph and help retain moisture.

Other benefits of worm castings include improved drainage and aeration of
the soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers that can burn tender roots, worm
castings are safe to use at any concentration. Plants love this organic
fertilizer made from worm castings.

Research done at Ohia State University has shown that mixing worm castings
(10% to 20% by volume) into a commercial potting mix can increase the
growth rate of some plants by up to 40 percent. Research done at Mississippi
State University and by scientists in Italy have shown increased germination
rate and growth when a worm compost is used on cucumbers and carrots.

Along with many other trace elements & micro-nutrients, worm castings
have 5 - 11 times more nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium than
topsoil. It works great for vegetable gardens, just spread it on like you would
a chemical fertilizer and work it into the soil. For house plants use half worm
castings and half potting soil to improve the root systems. These advantages
are just a few of the many reasons D&S Worm Farm says "GO ORGANIC!" -
you won't be disappointed.

Price: worm castings 10 lbs: $20.00 shipping included, or you can buy large
amounts in bulk right from our worm farm, just call for quotes.
Worm Tea is a concentrated, rich
"Super" liquid derived from 100%
organic worm castings (worm soil).
Suitable for use in your garden,
container plants, indoor plants and
hydroponic culture. Worm castings
have 5 - 11 times more nitrogen,
potassium, calcium, and magnesium
than topsoil and now you can get all
of those benefits in a convenient
liquid - Worm Tea!  Our completely
natural worm tea, organic fertilizer,
is made from the excrements of
worms eating organic matter and
processing it into high quality organic
material ready for your plants. This
product will not burn or harm any vegetation, and is generally only available from Worm
Farms. For general purpose use mix 4 to 6 ozs per gallon of water. Use as needed. It's okay
to use on any garden plants inside or outside.

Organic Worm Tea
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