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The Worm Book is a new book which has been produced
by a professional worm farmer. This book gives complete
instructions on how to raise different types of Redworms,
Louisiana Night Crawlers and European Night Crawlers
from start to finish.
Introduction To Worm Farming
My name is Steve Little. I am the owner and operator of
D&S Worm Farm. I have been in business since 1999.  
After several months of intense research and study, I decided it was time to purchase
breeding stock and start farming worms.  I started out with red worms on a small
scale.  We bought five pounds of red worm stock, which was about 5,000 worms.
Soon we bought 1,000 Louisiana Night Crawlers for breeding stock as well. Two years
later, we bought five pounds of European Night Crawlers for additional breeding stock.
This brings us to where we are today: Maintaining three species and over two million
worms for breeding stock, bait and composting with many sales along the way. I hope
you enjoy reading this book and learning to start your own worm business or to learn
how to start raising worms for your own fishing or composting needs.

Note: The CD is not compatible with MAC or Apple Operating Systems
           and only supports the Windows Operating Systems at this time.  
D&S Worm Book Download in PDF $19.25
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"Five actual and important worm processing 
        videos are included with the book"