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1. Nightcrawlers and Red worms are cared for in much the same way. We
recommend that you use whatever container you might have available, or
possibly build a box of untreated wood. Something between a five gallon to
two bushel in size will work fine.  In order to maintain good drainage, drill the
bottom of the container with a 3/16 bit in several places. Line the container
with a weed blocker, fiberglass screen, or even newspaper to prevent the
worms from crawling out of those same holes.

2. For the best results with Nightcrawlers and Red worms in compost, we use
a 50/50 mixture consisting of Canadian Peat Moss and Rabbit or Cow Manure.
For the European Nightcrawlers compost we use a 75/25 mixture consisting of
Canadian Peat Moss and Rabbit or Cow Manure. We strongly suggest that you
use only commercially processed manure to avoid problems with pH or
parasites. This type of manure is available in most garden shops. To mix the
compost, thoroughly combine the manure and the peat moss with just enough
water so that when a handful is squeezed, a few drops of water will be
pressed out. Never use water that is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit in
Temperature to mix with.  

3. Ok the big day has arrived, you receive your shipment of healthy D & S
Wormfarm Worms. Now that you have your containers set and your compost
mixed and ready, you need to divide the order into several containers to
avoid crowding and encourage healthy growth.  Try to limit the worms to 1/2
pound or 500 worms or less per 5 gallon container, depending on the
container's size. Dig out a hole in the center of each container to be used and
divide the worms up into each one. Then cover the worms with compost, and
cover the top with weedblock or newspaper. We like the weed block because
it lasts longer and can be reused without breaking down.  Leave the new
arrivals alone for a day or two so they can settle in to their new quarters.
Lightly water the surface of the bedding and feed lightly after the second day.
Feed only what the worms will consume in a day, two days at most to avoid
mold. We feed a combination of ground corn, corn meal, and the well known
Purina Worm Chow.  Again, feed only what they will consume in that 1 to 2
day range. Always replace the cover after feedings to prevent excessive
drying of the beds.

4. Most important of all! Leave a light on over the beds at all times.
Otherwise the worms will crawl out!  

5. For you folks reselling commercially, we try to maintain a compost
temperature range between 60 and 80 degrees F. If you cup the Louisiana
Nightcrawlers for resale, do not refrigerate, but keep at room temperature.
To place an order, visit our nightcrawlers, red worms, or European nightcrawlers
pages.  Orders may be picked up at our farm or shipped via priority mail.
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