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    Quick Grow Worm Food
Order our supplemental quick grow
worm food! 9 pounds for $28.00
with shipping included!
9 Pounds       $28.00
Worm Food

This is the same supplement food that we use to raise our worms. The
worms really like this food, and you like how easy it is to use.  All you do is
water the top of the bed and sprinkle the worm food on the surface of the
bed, and the worms will come up and eat the food. Always lay newspaper or
weed block on the top of the bed so the worms will have privacy while eating.
This type of worm food works real well when you raise nightcrawlers and
redworms. Plus it helps to control ph levels in the bedding. The protein of the
food is 16%.

We sell the worm food for $28.00 per 9 lb bag. All prices include shipping.
Feeding vegetable garbage can cause high acid levels in the worm bed which
is very harmful to the worms. The ph of this food is neutral which means 7
on a ph scale.
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